Accelerated Fundamentals Lesson Plans


Hi, I am thinking of using the accelerated fundamentals lessons for my sixth graders. Are there lesson plans available for the plugged in lessons?


Hi Julie,
I believe the Accelerated Course only has lesson plans for the unplugged sections. The online puzzles are designed to go along with these lessons and students typically work on them at their own pace. If you want some examples of how to introduce a plugged in lesson, I’d suggest browsing those resources for Courses 2 and 3, and modifying as needed to fit your learners:

Hope that helps!


Hi Mike,
I, like Julie, am planning on using the Accelerated Fundamentals course with 6th graders this year. There is a lot of new vocabulary and I really think students benefit from learning and using the new words and concepts. However, I see no support for this on your tools and resources page. Curious as to whether you have more ideas for vocabulary integration. It would be amazing to see ready made power points or slideshows that allow teachers to preview vocabulary with students.
Thanks, Hillary


Hi Hillary,

We have a new tool called “Curriculum Builder” that lets us present resources in new ways. One of the first things you might notice in our new “Express” course is that there is now a “Vocab” area that allows you to easily pull words for your classroom.

Since each classroom handles these differently, it would be difficult for us to provide a “one size fits all” vocab solution, but hopefully this new feature will help.

If you do end up turning the vocab into a poster for your classroom, please feel free to link it here if you would like other teachers to benefit from your work :slight_smile: