Uploading slides to Canvas

In prior years, I always uploaded the entire unit of slides onto Canvas in one large document. This year, it makes me upload each lesson one by one. Does anyone know how to upload it all at once? I can go back to a prior year’s class and upload it, but I don’t know if the slides are exactly the same.

HI @cking2,

The slides for 22-23 are broken up into individual lessons - this change was based on teacher feedback. There is a document that links all the resources for a unit at the beginning of each unit by clicking on the teacher resources button to all resources. For example, the unit 2 document is here. This would save you from having to open each lesson plan. And yes, you can use prior years slides as well. Here are the changes to the 22-23 curriculum so you can check to see if the new slides might be updated from prior years. Hope this helps!