CS Discoveries Unit 4-6 on Canvas

Does anyone use and share content using Canvas by Instructure?

I use Canvas for my courses and am pretty familiar with it. Are you looking to get help on using the tool or getting content that you can upload into your courses, esp CS Discoveries?

Hello. I am looking to see if I need to convert the pdf files to google docs and place into my Canvas course. Has someone already done this on Canvas or do I need to get busy?
Thank you so much!!

We are on Unit 4: Discoveries

The documents I found here opened up in Google docs for me.


If that doesn’t work, try this:
Download the pdfs to where ever you store them.
Go into your Google drive and select NEW - file upload.
Click on the pdf that you just put into the drive. Directly on the top, you will see an option to “Open with Google docs”

Hope that helps!


Does anyone have Unit 3 Lesson 2 on canvas? I’m trying to save some time if anyone is willing to share what they have.

Hello - do you by chance have the lessons you have on canvas - on a google platform?
I would love access to those lessons, but I am not familiar with canvas
Thanks, Julie Gibbons