Can I download all of the Google CS Discoveries Curriculum?

I am finding is a slow pain to download a copy of each and every lesson. Is there somewhere that I can just go to copy the CS Disoveries Google drive curriculum to my drive all in one shot? I normally like to tweak them a little, but this is slow.

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That has existed in past versions of the curriculum. I have asked if there is a link for the current curriculum as well.

I’ll report back if I find something.


There is a way to download and print the .pdf versions of the curriculum. If you need them in Google Docs, you could always load them into your Drive then open the .pdf using Drive. Some of the formatting may be changed, but it could work! Here’s a video on where to find the print option.
How to find print options

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We should be able to get a link to the Google Drive curriculum folder though and do this in one shot and have every single editable Google doc that we need.