Using a breakpoint in App Lab

Ignore what I wrote earlier and just read what Frank Lee says.

Hi @jdonwells,

Thanks for the workaround!

I’ve never really used the debugging features of App Lab before. I’ve noticed in the past that when I click a specific line number, it turns purple (and now there’s a “pause” symbol - I’m pretty sure that’s new). Then when I run the program, the program pauses at that point. Is that similar to the functionality you’re looking for?


Wait…What?!! I had no idea that existed.


Is there a debugger/IDE how to video that I have missed? Seems like one is a good idea. For example I see my kids moving blocks one at a time. You can click and hold on an area that is not a block and drag a selection area. Having done that you can move a whole section of blocks. Another thing is the REPL. It is a very powerful debugging technique that we should be teaching from day one. Not to mention setting a breakpoint which I just now learned about.

Can we collaborate on a script then one of us or those guys can make it?

Debugging using breakpoints is actually part of the curriculum. It is introduced in Unit 5 Lesson 11 Step 6.

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I should have also pointed out that down in the bottom right you will see:

If you add a variable name to the list, you can watch the value of that variable change as your program runs:

I’m not sure is this is explained in current curriculum but it’s definitely part of the new curriculum for next year.

Excellent. I like the App Lab IDE. It has many modern features missing from Snap! and Scratch. I was somewhat distressed by the console.log debugging section when all this good stuff is available. I didn’t realize it was introduced later. Thank you.