Using if/else statements in app lab

Hi everyone,
Is there much difference between the CSP Building Apps (19-20) & CSP Intro into App Design (20-21)? I want my students to create either adventure or quiz app. I need them to include if/else statements in it as well. I had a look at the Intro into App Design and it doesn’t have that option available unless I go through intro into app lab.

My question is, is it possible for the students to create and use an if/else statement when creating an adventure/quiz app?

Yes, there is a huge difference. The programming portions now use something called the EIPM pedagogy. Also all lessons were changed to be 45 minutes long. In order to do that some of the examples were replaced. You will need to look into the new curriculum to see if the example you want is still used.

It is generally the case that the block palete the students see is exactly what they know how to use so far. However, you can usually go into text mode and type in whatever code you want. If you have advanced students let them loose.

Our classes usually run for 80 minutes. I am thinking of doing the intro into App Design (20-21) but the building app covers more content (19-20). Which one would you recommend?

They end up in roughly the same place, however, the new curriculum is a huge improvement. Just use the new as is.