Circuit Playground Capabilities

Students are making “games” but they are using a form of App Lab? My kiddos want to make sprite movements with their buttons. Is there a way to make that happen? I thought it was all JavaScript…


Check out Lesson 8 and the Emoji race example (or Lesson 9 and Grab Bug) - in that lesson students will walk through step by step how to create the Emoji race game. Hopefully students can apply the lessons to another game!


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Hey Nancy,
It is worth noting that Game Lab (Unit 3) is different from App Lab (Unit 4, Unit 6, CSP). Both tools use javascript but have different capabilities. If you are curious to learn about when to use each one (in particular, for making projects outside of the curriculum), check out this forum from one of the engineers who works on both tools.

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What they are trying to do is dodge falling rocks with the buttons I think. I can make the rocks fall with the timed loop function but can’t get the rocks back to the top. I have tried a conditional that if the rock is greater than 450 to set it’s “y” to zero but that is not working.