Combining CSD lessons with CSP lessons

I’m using the CSP Unit 3 & 5 curriculum with a non-AP class. They are very interested in learning how to animate drawings so I was thinking of using some of the lessons from CSD.

However, it seems like the CSD commands don’t work in the CSP environments, even when I remix. I tried adding ellipse(200, 200, 400, 400); to an existing level and I get an error.

I want the students to do a final project for this course so its important to me that they are able to use all the tools they learn.

Any work arounds?

Hey Caroline,

Game Lab commands don’t necessarily work in App Lab, as you’ve noted. There’s of course similar structures like loops, functions, and variables, but a lot of the environment specific tools wouldn’t translate well. If you want you can check out some of the canvas drawing in App Lab but my feeling is if kids really want to do animations then CSD is a more purpose-built tool for that.

One solution is just have students work in and you can track their progress through the unit that teaches Game Lab. Especially if they have some programming experience under their belt there will be parts of that unit that they’ll be able to progress through quickly. Note, however, that the central paradigms of the two tools are really different. In App Lab you’re usually thinking about events. In Game Lab you’ll be working with a constantly running “draw loop” that pushes forward the animation. Just something to keep an eye on.

You can coerce App Lab into doing animations using the timedLoop() block but in general you’ll just not have the same set of tools designed around animation unless you go over to Game Lab.

Hope that helps!