When to use App Lab vs Game Lab

I’ve gotten several questions recently around when to use App Lab vs when to use Game Lab. The linked pages provide demos, videos, and sample projects, but I think it’s still an interesting discussion.

I like to use Game Lab whenever I have an idea with a lot of movement or drawing because the animation tab and draw loops make this very customizable.
Here’s a project I made called “Bugs and Flowers

I use App Lab when I have an idea that requires me to switch between screens or collect data that I need to store.
One example is “Choose your own adventure”, which is from code.org/applab

What scenarios do you use these tools for? Feel free to share your sample projects.


@caley I am starting to add some of cs discoveries to one of my classes. I also teach Code’s AP CSP. Does this mean students could use Game Lab for their AP Create Project? I am just looking Game Lab for the first time. Is it JavaScript? Thanks


Since GameLab is also Javascript, CSP students could use it for their Create task. I had a few students complete the task in Scratch. I found most who did did so because they felt more confident with Scratch than JS. Next year, I should get my first CSP students who completed CSD. The ‘GameLab vs. AppLab’ may be a question those students have. Moreover, many of the ideas that students come up with for the Create task might be more suited for GameLab even if they have no exposure to it. I’d be really interested in any insight others have about scenarios… More reasons for me to play with GameLab…:yum:

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I just discovered Game Lab is vastly different than App Lab. I had no idea until today, which could have saved both my students and me some frustration. I feel silly not having known this until now. My students are currently working on their end of the year project in App Lab, but after this we are working on an animation project together with one of the art and one of the music classes. I’m going to have my students use Game Lab and see how it goes.

Would love to hear how it goes! Please share some sample projects too!

No problem. We probably won’t even start the cross class project for about a week. I’ll share what they did in a couple of weeks.