Viewing text output that goes off the screen

In activities 5 and 6, is it possible to view text output that runs past the screen? If so, how do can you view this information?

There is no way to scrool the screen or stop the text from running off the screen. You can reduce the number of trials to 3. It may still take a few runs to get all the output to fit on the screen. You could also reduce the lines by condensing the two write lines into one with a line like write("Flip: " + c + " Heads: " + n); However, the output will still fill the screen. In lesson 6, the solution is to only print the number of flips.

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Is there anywhere on to see code examples for Unit 5 Lesson 11 and 12?

For most Unit 5 lessons there is at least an exemplar in the teacher panel (blue tab on the right side of the screen) on the last, or close to last, programming “bubble” in the lesson where there are task-specific instructions. (often there are other exemplars in other bubbles along the way too). In the case of Lesson 11 - it’s “bubble” 21 for Lesson 12 it’s “bubble” 10.

Teacher panel looks like this: