Watcher refreshing the screen?

Hey all,
I have a student who is trying to put in a watcher with a to watch his array. The problem is that the entire page refreshes when he types a [ in the watcher box.
Any thoughts on a workaround?

We would love to help you, but we would need a little more information. Please use the Share link to share the link to the student’s project. This will allow us to see the code more easily. Also, please explain what you expected to happen and what is happening instead. The more detail the better. If you can post these pieces of information then one of us can help you with the issue.

If you are in game lab and enter a [ watcher in the watcher box, the screen goes blank.
The student is trying to “watch” a list in a for loop, so when he types in the first [ the screen goes blank. I had all students try it to see if was unique to a laptop or if it affected everyone, which it did.
Thank you for checking in.

Hey @mriley ,

Thanks for clarifying! It looks like your students found a bug in Game Lab - we’ve reported it to our engineers. Just FYI - if you encounter any more bugs, it’s a little faster to send an email to to have our team look at it =)

In terms of what your student is attempting to do: they should still be able to set a watcher for their list if they put the name of the list in the watcher area, rather than the list itself. I created a quick example program you can look at as a reference.

Hope this helps,
Dan - Curriculum Writer