Ways to evaluate progress?


how to evaluate students and choose a correct calcification?
Progress in class is great! I am implementing the course 4 with high school students.
I am in a momento I need to put califications to each student. You know, still the way of institutionalized education.
Statistics and visual individual progress is very useful. But how is possible to give the correct calcification?
I have to choose between 0 to 20. And I want to be as equal and democratic as possible.
If you have any clue, any tip I will appreciate very much.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello! Did you ever get a reply to your inquiry? I’m wondering the same thing but for fifth graders. I am supposed to give them a grade but am not sure what to base it on–their overall progress? Does everyone get full credit for trying? I’m interested in reading others’ responses!



We try to stay out of the business of grading students through the CS Fundamentals curriculum as much as possible. It’s very difficult to assess learning (as opposed to completion) with the puzzles in Courses 1-4.

That said, we are trying to rework our courses and teacher dashboards to provide helpful metrics. Until then, the best way to check for understanding is with a standalone project. Try giving students some boundaries (as in “You should use three different concepts” and “You need to keep a journal as you code to describe why you code the project the way you do.” Then see what they come up with! If their projects are well thought-out and flow nicely, they likely understand how to use the concepts they integrated. From there, you can grade it in a similar way to how you would any other project.

In doing so, please remember the core ideas:
Problem Solving