What about next year?

We are starting to program students for next year and my current AP CSP students want to take something. Unfortunately about half of them are seniors so they will not return and we can’t have a class of 6 students. Does anyone know of an online, self paced curriculum that would be appropriate for them? I don’t want their computer science journey to stop. Depending on our numbers for AP CSP next year, I’m thinking of bringing them back and having them work on their own, but I would need something for them to work on…thoughts or ideas?

Not sure if this is what you were aiming at, but two useful resources you may want to point them toward are https://www.freecodecamp.org/ and https://codehs.com/. Both can be self-paced and have their advantages, but both can be taken at no cost.

The former is an all-inclusive journey that starts off with basic front-end HTML to server-side. While modular in a sense, it is setup with the intention of going through the entire thing. Every step of the journey has projects built-in to them so students put their knowledge to practice. There isn’t really much in the ways of teacher control, but it’s intended to students to tackle of their own volition. In place of the teacher component, there is a huge forum community for students to ask questions and/or supply answers for others.

The latter is completely modular so students can start taking a course specific to their interest. It also allows teachers to setup a class to monitor progress and guide students along the way.

Hope this helps!


Thank you. I will take a look at them.

Many of my students love codecademy for its versatility, and also Harvard offers a free CS 50 course that my students liked.


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