What is a Computer Activity Worksheet


I have no space in my lab for posters. And it will be a mess to use scissors and tapes in my lab.
So I created this worksheet for my students to work on directly using MS Word. They can work as team or individually. Students saved their own copies in their network folders. I purposely did not make the students to share yet. I plan to give them a chance to change their answers after they learn more about “What is a Computer”, then share by printing them out.

Feel free to use it with your students.

U1L04 modified Activity Guide - What Is A Computer reduced.doc (408.5 KB)


This is great! Thanks!


This looks great. Thanks for sharing


just let me know. How old are your students ?
I’m a french teacher.



Love it! Thanks for sharing this!


Thanks for this. I tried to make one but just couldn’t find the time to finish.


Such an awesome resource, thank you!


I made a Google Slide where the students can drag the images under the correct category. Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hW3X8ReysQ1b3O2BzpCyp2UJ1ixXEA8BT4csoWPLrsY/edit?usp=sharing