What is a Robot Alternate Lesson


For my second day in robotics, I showed the students a Prezi created by another teacher and then had them build a mind map showing different types of robots. It was a modification on a lesson from the Finch Robots website.

Here is the link to the Prezi.

The instructions I gave the students for the mind map are below. I had the students create this on chart paper and then give a short presentation to the class.

Work with your assigned team to create a single bubble that highlights different kinds of robots.

  1. First, decide as a team how you will categorize your robots (you must have at least 3 different categories). Examples could include by type (i.e. humanoid, etc.) or by purpose (i.e industrial, etc.).
  2. For each category, incorporate at least two examples.
  3. Each robot should include a brief sketch of the robot.
  4. Each team member must initial their contributions and add at least 3 robots to the mind map.

Which team can display the most interesting and greatest variety of robots in the world today?