What operating system should I use in my classroom?

I have been graced with the pleasure of attending the CODE.org TeacherCON in Atlanta. I will be having a class that is based off of CODE.org next year on a CS discoveries platform. I have been asked by my building principal what type of computers I would want to have in my classroom next year. I need HELP! Should I go MAC or PC? I am familiar with both, more-so PC than MAC, but can adapt. What does the CODE community recommend? PC or MAC? Why? Please help. This will be my first time teaching this!

@alexander.muessigman The good news is that the code curriculum is web based. Therefore, it can be run on any operating system using current popular browsers. One of the pros for Apple is that it ships with installed software that will allow your students to meet the requirements for the Create PT (i.e. recording the app in action). Your school’s budget will determine what machines will exist in your lab. There are teachers who have Apple, PC and Chrome Book labs. I encourage them to add their input.

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Hi @alexander.muessigman,

I agree with @terence.stone25. There’s no preference either way coming from the code.org side. The other considerations (budget, teacher preference, student preference, etc.) would be the primary deciding factors IMO.

I currently run my class on ~3-year-old Dells running Windows 7. Nothing fancy. Occasionally we work on Chromebooks if the lab is not available for whatever reason.