What should be the lesson plan for grade 7 to grade 9

Hi, I am planning to start a batch for grade 7-9. Please someone help me with the lesson plans.

What course are you planning to teach? CS Discoveries is the course for grades 7-9. You can find the lesson plans for CS Discoveries here.

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Hello Ma’am, Thanks for your reply. I want to know, what will be best lesson plan to start with grade 7, grade 8 and grade 9.
Thanks in advance

Hi @hemjyoti.cuemath,

The CS Discoveries course is intended to be a full-year course. I would start the year with the first lesson in the course.

Another possibility is using the CS Principles course for your 9th graders - generally teachers use it for older students since it’s originally an AP course, but there have definitely been teachers who did CS Principles for 9th graders. It’s also intended as a full-year course, so I would start with the first lesson.