What's next for Code.org?

This is just a question based solely on curiosity. Code.org has done so much with all the curriculum and classes they have put together. I was curious as to what Code.org is thinking of next or where you see yourself going? I understand there is already a monthly newsletter with information about changes, but I was thinking of what Code.org is thinking about for next year or in 2 years. I noticed some new videos of “How Computers Work” and how it stated the goal was to offer more beyond your curriculum’s reach. Is Code.org working on any new classes or curriculum, tweaking current ones, focusing on Hour of Code, etc…? Personally, I’d love an expanded section to continue off of “How Computers Work” that you have been putting together with fun activities and projects incorporated into it like Code.org always does. I’d use this for ALL my technology classes, not just my coding ones.

Thanks for all you do!

We are continuing to work on improving our core pathway of courses, and you can look forward to seeing new content (including new lesson plans, videos, and other supports) across K-12 in the coming years. If you’re interested in lessons to support the “How Computers Work” series, you should check out units 1 and 6 of CS Discoveries, which is the course we designed those videos for.