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Can someone please clarify what this written response practice question is asking for?
“Consider the first conditional statement included in the Procedure section of your Personalized Project Reference. Write an equivalent Boolean expression for this conditional statement”

Does this mean if the students first conditional statement is as follows:
list[i] != null;
Then the student would provide something like this as an equivalent Boolean expression:
!(list[i] == null);

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@cicaneser - Hi Rosanne, thank you for posting your question to the forum. Yes, I believe you are interpreting the question correctly. The Personalized Project Resource is a new component of the AP CSP exam. I am also in the process of deepening my understanding of what will be expected from my students. Please post any other questions or insights that may arise. We would all appreciate others insights.


CountryOptions==Countries[i] && GenreOptions==Genre[i]
so is it correct to convert it like that
!(CountryOptions!=Countries[i] ) && !(GenreOptions!=Genre[i])

thank you

May I ask where you found this question? I have seen these set questions floating around, but it is NEVER accreted it AP. When you google this question, one of the first questions is a link to this post. Not sure how much faith to give to this document. Would love to hear some thoughts.

Sir its from collageboard documents

It came directly from one of the AP Classroom Written Response Practice Tests


I did not notice they updated the old 2023 written responses for the new task, thank you.