'15-'16 General Discussion for Lesson 4.3


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


This lesson is really good for students to think about their online identity. Some students were surprised to see that there was someone with their same exact name in their hometown who ran middle school track. They were more surprised that that person was themselves! They were looking at their own information and didn’t even know it! Apparently in middle school they tracked student run times on the mile which was posted online. That was eyeopening for students who thought they had zero online presence yet someone else had made a presence for them.

A little heads up that you might want to very intensely google yourself first before this lesson and clean up your own online presence if possible. I did that ahead of time and was glad I was aware of what students would find on me. Also, students started googling other students and found some awkward photos of them in middle school (let’s face it no one has good photos of themselves in middle school), and while my students could handle the giggles, I would be nervous if that happened to one of my less secure students. You could limit this by limiting the amount of time you give students so they don’t have quite as much time to explore.

Overall, students really enjoyed this!