3.7 Draw Loop Background Trouble


I have a student who created a “Snow Day” scene in bubble 12 of Lesson 7. When we put the background into the draw loop, the background of the entire scene deletes. Is there are way to avoid that? I’ve tried reordering the code in different ways. See code below.

Also, we’d like to turn these scenes into animated gifs to post if an actual snow day takes place. Any ideas on converting these files - is it even possible? Thanks!

Link for Code: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/rmOa_Xs6YeUuibQhbD-p5Flw5odzGEJ8zmjP4nMVHc8


Hi Andrea,
Using the link provided, I moved the first 34 lines of code inside the draw loop and it seemed to continue drawing the background as expected.

As for recording GIFs, there are a bunch of free programs that allow you to capture a portion of the screen into an animation. LICECap and GIF Brewery are my favorites.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help!