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I’m just starting to teach ECS this coming semester (semester block schedule). Was wondering if anyone had a syllabus and curriculum map to share with me? Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks.


I am worried about encouraging my 7th and 8th grade students to share their App creations with others.
I fear that the platform will be used by the “bad apples” to share inappropriate or hurtful content (instead of Taylor vs. Lady Gaga, maybe Rachel vs Maddie.) I’d love to use the CSP video on the App Lab tutorial as a “wrap up”, review of App Lab (we are racing to the end of Unit 6 and it’s all coming together so fast.) They’ve made their own app prototypes, and some have done the Trick or Treat example App from the Teacher’s examples and some the Landmarks Flash Cards game Remix idea.

I don’t think any sharing has gone on yet really but they are just now getting to where they could start creating pretty handily.

Do I have an obligation to let parents know that this is a new “social media” that their children now have access too? I am reaching out to my administrator now but I’d love to know if anyone else has dealt with this area of discomfort.



I m still trying to learn the basics as I am a non science PERSON and simultaneously trying to create interest in and involve my students in coding