About the Intros and Networking category

Use this space to connect with other educators. Find collaborators, co-conspirators, friends and enemies.

Drop a pin on our community map to share your general location.

  1. Go here:

  2. Search for your school or home address (feel free to choose a generic address in your town if you’d like to stay anonymous)

  3. Click on the pin that appears and click “Add to map.”

  4. Click on your pin again and click on the pencil icon to change the pin name to your name.

  5. In the description, add any details you would like to have publicly available to other community members. Suggestions: your role, your Twitter handle or professional website, what you’re interested in, etc. You can also add a picture and change the style of your pin.

  6. Click “save” to add your pin to the map

After you’ve added yourself, you can search around the map and look for others with similar interests to you.

Happy connecting!