Networking and mentoring


This thread is for teachers who want to pair up with one or more buddies as they get started learning Computer Science and implementing ECS in their classroom. (Note, this is an ECS version of a networking thread found here: Never swim alone: The "Find a Buddy" Thread)

Please post here to request a buddy or to offer your services as a mentor or small group leader. Keep in mind that buddies can work together in real life (happy hour at the local bar?) or online via email, social media or video chat.

Example post - Seeking a Buddy:
“Buddy Wanted: Seattle
Hi all! I just moved to Seattle and am trying to teach myself the Computer Science basics so I can teach ECS to my students. I’m looking for a buddy or small group of buddies who want to chat regularly (once a month?) and debrief, preferably over drinks in the SEATAC area.”

Example post - Offering mentorship/coaching
“Need help? I’m your lady.
Hi everyone! I live and work in Seattle and have been teaching Code Studio courses to my students for over a year. I’m more than happy to meet with anyone, virtually or in person, to answer your questions or provide advice.”

It goes without saying, but this thread is for professional networking only. If you’re looking for something less-than-professional please check out craigslist,, tinder etc.


Hey all! I thought it might be fun to create a quick map showing where everyone is from. Drop a pin on our community map to share your general location.

  1. Go here:

  2. Search for your school or home address (feel free to choose a generic address in your town if you’d like to stay anonymous)

  3. Click on the pin that appears and click “Add to map.”

  4. Click on your pin again and click on the pencil icon to change the pin name to your name.

  5. In the description, add any details you would like to have publicly available to other community members. Suggestions: your role, your Twitter handle or professional website, what you’re interested in, etc. You can also add a picture and change the style of your pin.

  6. Click “save” to add your pin to the map

After you’ve added yourself, you can search around the map and look for others with similar interests to you.

Happy connecting!