Never swim alone: The "Find a Buddy" Thread


This thread is for teachers who want to pair up with one or more buddies as they get started learning Computer Science and implementing Code Studio in their classroom.

Please post here to request a buddy or to offer your services as a mentor or small group leader. Keep in mind that buddies can work together in real life (happy hour at the local bar?) or online via email, social media or video chat.

Example post - Seeking a Buddy:
Buddy Wanted: Seattle
Hi all! I just moved to Seattle and am trying to teach myself the Computer Science basics so I can teach Courses 1-4 to adult learners. I’m looking for a buddy or small group of buddies who want to chat regularly (once a month?) and debrief, preferably over drinks in the SEATAC area.

Example post - Offering mentorship/coaching
"Need help? I’m your lady.
Hi everyone! I live and work in Seattle and have been teaching Code Studio Courses 2-4 to my students for over a year. I’m more than happy to meet with anyone, virtually or in person, to answer your questions or provide advice. My favorite topic to teach is functions."

It goes without saying, but this thread is for professional networking only. If you’re looking for something less-than-professional please check out craigslist,, tinder etc.

Networking and mentoring

Seriously, though. I just moved to Seattle and would love to start meeting up with fellow Code Studio teachers once in awhile. Anyone interested in a monthly happy hour / study session?


Need some love…kinda!!

Looking for any fellow Code Studio lovers out there in Arkansas! I wanna know how Code Studio is working in your school! Anyone interested in meeting on a regular basis?


Looking for a buddy! I’d love to text, call, chat, email - whatever, with someone else who wants to share this experience. Especially anyone going to the PD in Columbus, Ohio.


Quite possibly! I’m a bit out of Seattle (Eatonville, WA); just about 20 min south of Seattle.


I am located in Chicago and would be interested in meeting with a group on this adventure to compare notes and give suggestions.



I’m in North Carolina! I’d love to find a buddy to collaborate with via Hangouts!


WANTED: Fellow learner and world changer to struggle, celebrate, laugh and cry on this exciting journey into computer science.



A bunch of us from will be at the CSTA conference in Dallas in a couple weeks. It would be great to meet you! Tweet at us @teachcodeorg


Hey all! I thought it might be fun to create a quick map showing where everyone is from. That should make it easier for you to find buddies/support locally.

Drop a pin on our community map to share your general location.

  1. Go here:

  2. Search for your school or home address (feel free to choose a generic address in your town if you’d like to stay anonymous)

  3. Click on the pin that appears and click “Add to map.”

  4. Click on your pin again and click on the pencil icon to change the pin name to your name.

  5. In the description, add any details you would like to have publicly available to other community members. Suggestions: your role, your Twitter handle or professional website, what you’re interested in, etc. You can also add a picture and change the style of your pin.

  6. Click “save” to add your pin to the map

After you’ve added yourself, you can search around the map and look for others with similar interests to you.

Happy connecting!


Hi there! It’d be great to have some sort of across-the-time-zones back and forth between our students, as the hour of code approaches and/ or during it.


Hi – I’m also in Chicago. I’ll be starting my first year teaching this fall (7th grade life science in CPS). Feel free to reach out to me via email:


I can’t figure out the pinning thing. There isn’t a pin option that pops up when the map comes up. I can ‘add a place’ but that doesn’t make it visible to everyone.

Looking for a buddy in the area west of Houston. I live in Sealy Texas


Seeking Buddy or Mentor
I live in Arkansas . I am trying to teach code to first graders. I really don’t know where to start.


Buddy Wanted: Northern New Jersey area- Learning both elementary and high school curriculums
course fundamentals


I’m in Pittsburgh area. Trying out coding with a support Science class, next year trying the AP CSP. Would love a buddy!!


HI! I’m also in the Pittsburgh area. I’m teaching Intro to Computer Science and would love a buddy!


I’m in the Pittsburgh area and am teaching Computer Science Principles. Would anyone like to work with me?


Great to hear from someone.
What district do you teach at?
I’m going to some Southwest PA comp sci teachers cohort meeting next Wednesday, at HamptoN HS. Any change you are going to that?