NewTeacher-Tricks and Traps

I could really use some - inbetween the main training sessions training. More of a tricks and traps thing.
As a new teacher to this platform - I have struggled a lot - accessing material to grade it, figuring out where help is, where are foreign language supports, etc.

I don’t want to keep calling tech support for this stuff - it’s me learning.

  1. So - why don’t we have a social media page - you know - a place where we could share answers/help etc.
  2. A virtual coffee hour/cookie swap. Where we bring a question and a solution. For instance - I just realised these features exist for my EL student (My Cookie). I need to be more efficient about how I’m going through finding out if kids did their work - are their good practices here. (My Cookie request).
    We can do breakout rooms - produce running documents - even share help videos -(flipgrid style)

Thank you for this feedback. I feel your struggle. Every new class is a struggle, this year has been especially hard because of the distance learning.

I will pass this feedback along to the staff. Just wondering if you have a Regional Partner and local cohort that could provide such opportunities to some extent. It would be great for you to provide this feedback to your Regional Partner as well.

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Hi @edillard! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I agree with @bhatnagars about reaching out to your regional partner (this map could help you find the one in your area).

Also, I wanted to share another resource that can support your learning, which is our support site that has a whole section about using our platform as a teacher [link]

Finally, I love your idea about providing more chances for teachers to “cookie swap” and it’s something we will definitely discuss as a team. Thanks again for posting this and in the meantime, it would be great it some other folks could share their “cookies” in this thread!

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Hi all,

Our state cohort is pretty small.
Because of the pandemic - a number of them are not teaching AP CSP this year, despite their original plans. That’s why I’d like to reach out to a larger group. However - I think it’s a good idea in general.

I’m on the board for our state CSTA chapter. I also work with the NE Regional CSTA boards. For the CT chapter we started the idea of cookie swaps to tie up our virtual meetings every month.
We keep folders for teachers to put in their ideas/tricks and traps. They can choose to talk about it - or just mention it’s in there in the chat. During the next meeting
we are going to add a cookie request folder - for teachers that need help.

I think it would be a good thing to put in the regular training programs - during the school year.
I also think it would be good to do some larger swaps - so we get to benefit from ideas that teachers have all over the country.
I know that you have a limited staff. And I also know that when I have a lot of students that need help - I divide and conquer gaps by having my students work in groups.
Let us help by providing cookies. You might even bring back a few 2nd and 3rd year CSP teachers to act as group mentors to help.


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