Collaborative Partner forum?

What about a forum for certified AP CSP students who can help other students with their Create Task? We have guidance from the College Board that students can help other students. But right now students can’t form friendships with other students as they could in person. A forum of students only could solve that problem. Someone could monitor if a student seems to have all the answers and control membership.

Hi @jdonwells ,

Fantastic point about remote learning posing an additional barrier to collaboration. Highly relevant to equity and accessibility.

I agree such a forum would provide additional opportunities for AP CSP students to collaborate on the task.

I don’t speak for on this matter, but I imagine, as you might, that logistics may get tricky here. I’m not sure how one would certify someone is an AP CSP student (whereas currently, teacher certification is done using a combination of things such as e-mail address, names referenced on school websites, etc.). I can also visualize the thought of the responsibility of policing such a site generating much nervous sweat from those held responsible for this at

Regardless, the barriers to collaboration could be a real problem and I’ll make sure a staffer sees your suggestion.

Also would love to hear any other ideas from you or the community on how we can help facilitate responsible collaboration among students.


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I would think that verified students could piggyback off of verified teachers, meaning a teacher account can verify a student in their section.

One thing I learned as a Feline Personal Trainer1 at the animal shelter is that for every “no” you must give an equivalent “yes”. It is the only way that works. Applying that to humans when we say “no” to getting help from teachers, siblings, aunts, and uncles we must also give a “yes” to getting help from peers and make it accessible.

I would also say that I find hesitancy in my students to seek help. Heck, I even see that in professional programmers who should know better. No one wants to look inadequate in front of peers. Some anonymity by virtue of posting could be useful even after the virus is under control.

Getting professional programmers to collaborate well has been very challenging for me. I feel like getting our programmers of tomorrow on the right trajectory today is worth it.

1 That is a real volunteer job title. Seriously.

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I’ve forwarded your post to staff.

Meanwhile, you may want to look into Piazza if you haven’t already. It’s a Q&A forum a teacher can set up for their class, also allowing students to post anonymously (but teachers are able to see who they are).

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