Never swim alone: The "Find a Buddy" Thread


Hi Stephanie! I work for a Cyber School. Can you send me the info for the cohort meeting? I’d love to go if I can.


Oh sorry, I just got back into this forum.
The cohort meeting was really amazing. Carnegie Mellon is very interested in helping CS teachers in the Pgh area.
The contact to get info would probably be Dr. Imbarlina, principal of Hampton HS. She organized the day and is preparing a survey next so we can plan the next thing to do.


Hi all,

My name is JP and I am seeking a buddy or a mentor. I am starting a coding club at the preschool/juku I work at in Oita Japan and wondering if there is anyone in Japan that can possibly give tips/advice. Thanks everyone!


This is a long shot, but I’m a 3rd grade international school teacher in Vietnam. Are there any other teachers here working abroad, would be interested in discussing strategies for teaching code to ESL learners?


I would really love to partner with someone and share insights. Its a gray area for me here in Liberia as I embark on a mission in introducing CS to Students at various colleges


be mi buddo
bob gernal dert


Hello I need a buddy. I just finished training in CSP. I was wondering, when my students come in to class on 8/20, where do I start?


Welcome to the CSP family, cugwuh. Prior to Aug 20th, set up your class section(s). On day 1, start with Unit 1, Lesson 1. Getting the students into the curriculum will be the best way to get them excited about the course.


Thank you. I am setting up the class and exploring website

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a code buddy/mentor in North Carolina.