About the right for watching the video of teaching Tips &Tricks

I’m a computer science teacher from china ,and I 'm very appreciate that i have the chance to use this wonderful courses to let my students understand the principle of the computer more clearly. But, in my country we could not visit the website: Youtube. So i was wondering that if it is possible to make the teaching Tips & Tricks video same to the other videos that can play directly in the code.org instead of link to the Youtube. Thanks very much.

You are right that the Teaching Tips and and Tricks do not have a download link. Let me ask the folks at code.org.

Thanks for your responds, and i’m waiting for your good news.

@ wangbo I am still looking into this! Trying to get a answer for you.

They are working on this! They are currently collecting a list of all the videos that they need to make downloadable. Stay tuned!