location of Videos versus YouTube


Students cannot access YouTube due to it being blocked by the school district.

How can I find in videos about so that I can share the link to such videos and have them watch them while in class? I am specifically interested in these two at the moment.

  • Computer Science is Changing Everything
  • Is Computer Programming Hard to Learn?



Are your students able to access the videos from ?

Otherwise, you may need to download the video yourself and then share with your students.

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Let me clarify. In some of the lessons, there are links to videos. Where can I find the library of code. org videos so that I can download them as needed and then share them with my students.

Some students can watch videos at home on YouTube, but others cannot. I teach in a school with a high number of students (80%+) receiving free and reduced lunch. Students may say they can watch videos at home, but many cannot.


I cannot download them from YouTube legally and I don’t want to use method that may infect my home or work computer.



The two videos you specifically mentioned are located on the page I provided initially. The videos on that page have an embedded player so the blocking of YouTube should not be an issue. If your students still have issues accessing those videos, there is a purple arrow in the lower right corner of the player that will allow you to download the video.

I am not sure which curriculum you are using. The following links has the list of resources for each lesson in each unit. Links to downloadable videos are located there.

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