YouTube Video Access - When Block



How do people access videos that are on You Tube if they are blocked in your school?


You can download the videos at home using kickyoutube (see - KickYouTube Lets You Download Videos Without Extra Software or Hassle ) . The assumes you are not violating copyright when you make a copy.


Hi! We also have this really helpful page that goes through multiple ways to get through to’s YouTube videos:


Last year I learned from a student how to bypass the filter. He was using the chrome browser and then installing an extension called Ultrasurf


Thank you everyone for the feedback. Currently, I do tried to download the videos at home and save on a thumbdrive when I can. Ultrasurf is now blocked in our NYCDOE schools. I realize some of the videos are directly imbedded in the lessons which allows for them to be played directly from versus you tube. It would be helpful if all were imbedded to play directly through in this manner.


I’m rather confused. Did change something with some of these lessons?
I’m in CSD Unit 2, Lesson 3.
My school does block youTube but I did not have troubles with the kids watching the videos in class last year but this year they are blocked!
This could make things rather difficult!



Try following the instructions in the last section (“G-Suite, Google Apps Restrictions on YouTube videos “) of this support article:

It seems to fix the issue for most users. Let me know at if you continue to have issues.