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Unit 4 Overview: “Students are introduced to some basic issues associated with program design and development. Students design algorithms and create programming solutions to a variety of computational problems using an iterative development process in Scratch. Programming problems include mathematical and logical concepts and a variety of programming constructs.”

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Lesson in this unit: Day 18 - 20: Mean, Median, Minimum, Maximum, Histograms, Box Plots
The Mean, Medium and the Mode Unit 5. I adapated a lesson plan from Education World: http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/03/lp293-02.shtml

This lesson is excellent for teaching the subject area. I incorporated the Excel Spreadsheet training, and students transferred their data into the spreadsheet in order to watch the mean medium and mode change when new data was entered.

Advanced students wrote a little program in Excel with an if then statement to see how the outcome was manipulated based on the data