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What happened to the individual by-Unit categories? Deep-sixed I guess?

Note that this had had the unfortunate side-effect of rendering every “Lesson Forum” link in the purple Support box of the lesson plans completely useless (see attached). :frowning:

I’m wondering the same thing…why did the lesson specific forums vanish for AP CSP? It was so helpful to look at the forums for a specific lesson.


Is everyone aware that there is a YouTube channel that shows students the coding for all the lessons, so that they don’t have to actually attempt the coding? He shows then exactly how to code each of the Make lessons. Very disappointing! I know this isn’t something we would encounter regularly in the classroom, but I am finding my students using this channel rather than ask questions to understand. Just wanted to share. Here is the link for Unit 5 Lesson 8, but you will find others from other units.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-yYUaC5GxE

Yes. Code.org is doing as much as it can.

I think that a policy of making projects unsharable for inappropriate content could cover lesson spoilers as well. They could then unshare all of his App Lab projects so that at the least students can’t just copy paste his stuff into their own projects.

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Has anyone made one downloadable folder to hold all 10 units of the lesson plans—each and every section of each and every unit?

I am working on Unit 1 - Lesson 3. I don’t see any type of assessment or rubric. How do you grade this lesson? I’m a newbie.