Student Missing Units

It is my first time teaching APCSP using and one of the my students have been absent for quite some time missing 80% of work in Unit 1. We are now in Unit 2 but I want her to make up Unit 1. The website allows me to assign one unit at a time. How can one of my students have access to both units?

@jonathan.r.garcia Once your assign a unit to your students, they should have access to it unless you hide it. Your student should be able to navigate to Unit 1 and 2 using the View Course link in their Dashboard. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

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@terence.stone25 Thank you so much!

Actually, I just tested it out today when we went to Unit 7 and students still had items in Unit 5 they wanted to finish. Once I assigned Unit 7, they no longer had access to any Unit 5 items. The “assign unit” button does not allow previous access to any other unit then the one currently being worked in. Even if it is visible. I had students test this live to let me know this. Is there a way to stop this from happening? specifically comes back with " Your teacher did not expect you to be here" and they had no access.

This should not happen. I suggest you write to