CSP Unit 4 Not Available


Assigned Unit 4 to the class, Unit 4 is visible, but no students can access. Second time this has happened this year, never had to deal with it last year.


I’m sorry to hear about this repeat problem. I’m sure this can be quite frustrating. Please contact support@code.org for assistance and fill out a ticket. Click on the hamburger in the top left of your browser and select “Report a Bug.” I will also escalate this so that your class can move forward.


Hi @windjc Would you mind Direct Messaging me your code studio username or email address? I can try to track down the problem.

One thing to check: out in the course overview page: https://studio.code.org/courses/csp there are also show/hide settings for a units. Might check those along with the individual lesson show/hide settings.

That might not be the issue, but worth checking. Let me know.

CSP Team


That worked Baker. The link you provided took me to a page that I never view as a teacher. I click on dashboard and navigate where I need to go from there. But I don’t believe I’ve ever had to go to this “course overview” page except to un-hide a unit (I believe Dani helped me with this same issue for Unit 3, but I had forgotten the work around.)

Interesting though that I didn’t have to do this for unit 1 or unit 2, and I didn’t have to do this for ANY unit last year.

Anyways, thanks for the help! After 2 days shuffling papers we can finally get back to work on code.org