CSP Unit 4 Not Available

Assigned Unit 4 to the class, Unit 4 is visible, but no students can access. Second time this has happened this year, never had to deal with it last year.

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I’m sorry to hear about this repeat problem. I’m sure this can be quite frustrating. Please contact support@code.org for assistance and fill out a ticket. Click on the hamburger in the top left of your browser and select “Report a Bug.” I will also escalate this so that your class can move forward.

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Hi @windjc Would you mind Direct Messaging me your code studio username or email address? I can try to track down the problem.

One thing to check: out in the course overview page: https://studio.code.org/courses/csp there are also show/hide settings for a units. Might check those along with the individual lesson show/hide settings.

That might not be the issue, but worth checking. Let me know.

CSP Team


That worked Baker. The link you provided took me to a page that I never view as a teacher. I click on dashboard and navigate where I need to go from there. But I don’t believe I’ve ever had to go to this “course overview” page except to un-hide a unit (I believe Dani helped me with this same issue for Unit 3, but I had forgotten the work around.)

Interesting though that I didn’t have to do this for unit 1 or unit 2, and I didn’t have to do this for ANY unit last year.

Anyways, thanks for the help! After 2 days shuffling papers we can finally get back to work on code.org


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