AP CSP Post Chapter 2 not available?


I tried opening the Lesson Files and it is not available yet. When are these going to open up? I’d like to start planning post content.


Please click link to see of that is it?


https: //studio.code.org/s/csp1-2018/stage/8/puzzle/1

Cannot post as proper link, copy, paste then remove extra space. this is what I tried to post in previous reply.

Lesson plan



This is Unit 1, I’m looking for Post AP Chapter 2


There is a note at the top of that Unit:

No Lesson Plans for Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of this unit does not currently have lesson plans available. “Lesson Plan” links for that chapter will not work as expected.

I am not sure if lesson plans are in the works. I will ask the code.org developers to respond to this.


Hello @yanet.cabrera,

George is correct. There are no lessons plans for Chapter 2 of the Post-AP Unit, and we do not have plans to write any. We have moved away from writing lessons of this style, but released these lessons in the Post-AP as an option for anyone who would like to use them as is. They are largely designed for students to move through lesson by lesson with little outside instruction.

~ Hannah

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@hannah Is there a rubric for the Final Project? It talks of one in the activity guide but I do not see one.


Hi @yanet.cabrera - I checked with the original authors of that lesson, and unfortunately the rubric was never created. If you do create a rubric for your class, please feel free to share it here so others can benefit. Thanks!