Access to previous lesson units

Many of my students are not able to access previous lessons in AP Computer Science Principles 19-20 since I have assigned the Create Task Unit. They would also like to access Unit 5 as a reference. Which they cannot because they get an error message that says “Your teacher did not expect you to be here”. This is the first time in three years that has been a problem. Can this be fixed so my students have access to all of their past work?

Hi Kimberly,

Hmm - this sounds unusual! Is it possible that your students are trying to access a different year’s CSP curriculum that you hadn’t previously assigned? I would:

  1. double check that the URL the students are accessing is indeed the 19-20 curriculum
  2. Try switching the course back to unit 5 in your settings, and then back to the create unit to see if it ‘sticks’.

If neither of those work, I’d send this request to support as it sounds like it might be a weird bug. If you do end up sending a support ticket, it would likely be helpful to have a screenshot of a) your course settings and b) the student error including the URL of the unit that they’re trying to access.

Good luck!

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