Accidentally deleted a student's account

I had a few students create two accounts for themselves. When I viewed the duplicates on the “Progress” tab, they were both the 2nd name that was the one I wanted to delete. (I knew that because the first one had some of the Lessons already completed and the blocks were green.) So then I went to the “Manage Students” tab, scrolled down to the 2nd name for the student, and hit “Remove Student”. So the next day the students couldn’t login and their account that was empty was the one that had been saved and I deleted the one with their work!!

  1. Why is it listed in one order on the Progress Tab but another way on the Manage Students tab? Can that be fixed?
  2. Can I retrieve the student’s progress from the account I deleted?


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Great questions - that is certainly something can help you with! Shoot them an e-mail, they are SUPER great at getting back to people pretty fast!

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Hi. Chris did you ever get any response on restoring a student account that has been accidentally removed?

I did the same thing and need the student’s work back!!

@aeronial.poole - please email and we’ll be happy to help you there.