Duplicate student accounts

Question 1 - Why does a topic require a unit, especially when few of the options (csd-unit-2, csp-feedback-2016, etc.) make sense for the main category?

Question 2 - Is there a quick way to handle a duplicate student account, when one account has activity and the other needs to be deleted? I can see which one has activity on the Progress tab, but when I go to Manage Students, there is no way to connect the two, so I don’t know which one to delete. (The Progress tab doesn’t include the username.) The order of the names on the two screens doesn’t work. Is the only way to handle this to email support?

Carol Ramsey

Carol (@carol.ramsey),

Question 1: I didn’t think the Unit was required field! I thought you could leave it blank. I zapped it in any case.

Question 2: I would email support@code.org and explain the situation with the user accounts in as much detail as you can give them. As an alternative you could temporarily create another section and move one of the students in question to that section. See which one has progress on it and you should be able to tell which one can be deleted.

Hope that helps…