Active Recruiting Strategies


Here are some active recruiting strategies that were crowdsourced by the group in Spokane PD:

  • Advertise on the district newsletter that goes to parents and students
  • Take your current students to middle and elementary schools to demonstrate what happens in your class
  • Open House - demos of any kind!
  • FOOD!
  • Have students talk to potential students during lunch
  • Flyers on campus
  • Hour of Code (all year long)

Remember, students are the best recruiters!


“Active” being the key word. I made the HUGE mistake of adding the CSP course to school registration materials with zero, zip zilch marketing thinking the courses foundation science credit option and listing in the science course portion of registration material would ensure enough students for course to carry. This strategy at a large school of 2700 students resulted in exactly 5 sign-ups. Luckily a day of active elevator pitches to my current robotics students got me the 40 students needed for administration to feel confident with scheduling the course.


I think that students are intimidated by the title “computer science”. I use my students to help recruit other students. This seems to work great.