Identifying and Addressing Stereotypes


Some ideas for addressing stereotypes generated by the group in Spokane.

Types of Stereotypes to address

  • students have with themselves
  • students have of others
  • teacher accidentally perpetuating stereotypes
  • how to teach to connect with all students equally

Outside of the Classroom Up Front (Get them in the door)

  • make counselors aware of the stereotypes and ask them to be sensitive towards it
  • dispel the myth that you have to be good at math to be good at computer science
  • use previous students to recruit new students in the future

In Classroom (Make them stay)

  • give quick surveys to see what students were most interested in during the past week
  • avoid smaller stereotypes like girls are more social; girls aren’t as into video games
  • offer a diversity of options in examples (cover a broad range of interests)
  • showcase a diversity of cs role models in classroom decorations
  • a sausage fest is not helpful – stop inappropriate behavior
  • setting norms about respecting ideas to make a safe classroom
  • respecting everyone
  • bring in different guest speakers to talk about what they do



Relevant research summary for the “in classroom” pieces: