Strategies for Recruiting Students

Share strategies for recruiting students.

Elevator Pitch for Students

  1. Have past CSP students talk to potential students.
  2. Advertise as an AP course that has future benefits.
  3. CSP is a stepping stone to future careers such as video game design.
  4. Tell students that it’s an activity based class and they don’t have to copy a load of notes and listen to the teacher lecture.
  5. Recruit students Robotics Club students.
  6. Looks great on your resume and college application.
  7. Acquire free college credit. Send out exclusive invitations to students to make them feel special. No prior knowledge required!
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CS is an authentic and modern literacy, complete with language, mathematics, art, and engineering. Programming is the method of committing computational thinking through an interface, usually digital, producing an artifact aimed at solving some problem(s).

Elevator Pitch
Reaching different types of students!

• Depict fun things that can be done with CS and within the CSP class.
• Increase athletic performance/team building for team and individual sports
• Tool that helps to promote and enhance personal interests and career paths students want to take.

The self perceived cool party kid!
• Do you like apps?! In CSP you can create your own apps that track all the local parties and all the “lit” stuff that’s happening! In CS we learn methods to build apps that solve global problems.

The athlete
• it will help with athletic team building because this class involves lots of collaboration! so if you and most of your buddies on your team are in the class too your performance on the field will be better!

The girl
• do you think a guy that makes an app thats made for girls can do it better than you?! NO WAY!! We need girls like you to break the mold and inspire other girls to be creative to help solve global problems!

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Has anyone developed a brochure or flyer for CSD that they would like to share??

Hi Ann,’s 1-pager intended more for teachers, counselors, and administrators lives here: and is accessible at any time from

We also have a recruitment flyer aimed at students that lives here: under the page.

Hope that helps!

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