Stakeholder: Colleges/Universities


Share elevator pitches here for talking with colleges and universities.

Elevator pitches for stakeholders

Hey, Mr. or Ms. University President, it’s so fortunate that we met on this elevator. Now that I’ve cornered you, can I have a minute of your time? (Not that you are in any position to say no.) I am a CSP teacher at a feeder high school and I would like you to consider being an advocate for our program. CSP is so important for high school students as it is rigorous and exposes them to college-level curriculum. Our learners graduate with improved communication and collaboration skills, which I am sure you will agree (not that you have any choice) are important for their future success at your establishment. Minorities, women and other underexposed students, in particular, are extremely successful in this class that operates with a low floor/high ceiling approach. Having said that, ALL students will profit from this entry level course, since there is an undeniable relationship of technology to other fields of study. Ding! Oops, is that your floor? Wait, wait, just one more thing! Please say yes or I may not be able to resist the urge to follow you down the hall


I am from ____ school. I’m really excited to run into you because I’ve been wanting to talk to you about how we can work together to better Computer Science for our students. I am one of your feeder schools and every year I am introducing students to computer science and assuming I’m teaching what they need to be successful in your programs. If our two programs coordinated, I could prepare my students in a way that helps them be wildly successful in your program and head out into the computer science industry as adults. In essence, I could prepare them for you, and your program could help me dazzle my classes with the infinite possibilities computer of science! Is there a way that we can work together and create this liaison?