Promoting Computer Science (student audience)


I teach the computer science pathway at my high school. I am trying to build the program. I currently have 5 sections in 3 courses (ECS, AP CSP and AP CS A) in the pathway but they’re not filled up.

I am planning to send a presentation including student videos shots and some pictures to the 8th graders prior to their scheduling for high school courses. I see that has a lot of useful videos/materials for promoting to parents/educators/administration but do any of you know of any resources that target a younger audience of 8th graders to get them to buy into the importance of CS?




Have you tried the videos on this page?
I have found that the best marketing plan is to use students. If you have 1 or 2 students who can articulate the message, then others students are more likely to respond especially if they can see some of the completed projects.

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