SpotLight showcasing CSD and CSP for our 8th grade parents and guardians,

I will be giving 10 minute showcases to parents who are deciding to either send their children to another school next year or remain in our grade 6-12 environment. What can I show the parents/guardians to wow them into wanting their students stay in our school? The physical plant of the school is wonderful (brand new) and the computer lab has brand new computers. The students all have chrome books-it should not be too hard to show what we can do-but I would love some suggestions.

Interesting! It sounds like you have a good start to a CS pathway, too! I suppose it depends on what other schools offer in your area but you could certainly highlight that! Maybe throw in some stats about how CS is a rising skill for all careers(?)

I also like to show student work - or better yet, have your STUDENTS show their work! Having kids talk about how they used for loops to create a sunset scene by changing the RGB color values always impresses families :slight_smile: