Advice from Seattle Computer Science Teachers?


Hi everyone! I think this falls solidly under the “intros and networking category” but forgive me if this is an inappropriate forum for this…

I’m a third-year 11th and 12th grade math/computer science/economics teacher in New York City Public Schools moving to Seattle this summer. I love teaching AP Computer Science Principles but have also taught AP Microeconomics, Precalculus and Calculus and I’m looking for a teaching position at a Seattle or Seattle-area school, though I’m also generally interested in non-profit work and/or curriculum development.

If anyone knows anyone looking for a math/CS teacher or has any advice on job searching in the Seattle area generally, please let me know! I have lots of contacts in New York City but don’t know any teachers in the Seattle area and am just starting to research/figure out the system.


Lake Washington School District just posted for Computer Science at the Middle and High School levels. You may want to check them out.