Age limit using create record

Created an app with create record
Want to share the app to collect non-private data
Link to app on web brower takes you to the app with an App Lab generated note popping up stating the use of data and be mindful of prrivacy – all good so far
Then another Q with dropdown pops up asking age 11 to 21+
If you answer 11 the app pings away and takes you to the homepage
If you answer 14 it let’s you complete the app

Where is there info on the use of create record and age limits please?

You may be able to find the information in’s privacy policy.

Unfortunately it mentions the privacy notice but about requesting a user’s age and blocking the use of the app as a result of under 13.

Anyone else with some useful pointers?

Hi @appsforgood,

Without a link to the specific app you’re talking about I can’t be sure, but I do know different states have different laws around how websites collect data from those under 13. I believe took the strictest approach they had to regarding this data and just don’t allow their apps to collect from underage users. Again, without seeing the app in question I can’t confirm but I suspect it has something to do with that.

–Michael K.

That’s useful. Thanks for you comment.

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Codeorg sent this. There is a restriction but they don’t specify it anywhere :slight_smile:

Thank you for your email. The restriction on the collection of information from individuals identifying as under 13 in student-created App Lab apps is an intended safeguard. The platform contains a number of age-related restrictions and features, and we don’t specifically identify all of them in our privacy policy for legal and practical reasons - i.e., if you tell someone that providing accurate age information will result in some restriction, they may provide inaccurate age information.

The privacy policy provision you point to is simply disclosing the potential implications of student-created apps that collect information - and that is the reason persons who receive a link to such apps are given the interstitial privacy warning before inputting any information. In other words, this interstitial warning (and the privacy policy provision) is intended to ensure awareness that information entered into a student-created app will be accessible to the app creator (not just - which doesn’t use or access the data).

The privacy policy provision is not intended to imply that the platform will allow for such collection in all instances. It is also worth noting that App Lab is intended for student-created apps. It is not intended to support non-student-created apps like you’ve created.