APP Lab question


My grade 7 class is working in CSD. However, I have a students who wants to use the APP lab for a class assignment. I have been working through the tutorials myself but have not advanced far enough to determine if the lab can do what she wants it to do. She wants to create an APP that allows students to input their name and grade and confidentially access an inventory of used uniform pieces that they could request. The student wants to provide students and families in need with access to reused uniforms in order to save money. Is this possible in APP Lab?


An excellent project! :+1:
Some things to consider though. has a policy for users of an app (perhaps only if persistent data is stored)be over 13 years old.

Technically, your student’s project needs a privacy policy depending on your location.
This could be a statement saying how their data is used and stored, if the user agrees to the statement, they can continue with the app.
Using the data toolbox has options such as createRecord and readRecord and a useful data tab for visuallizing persistently stored information.

One table could be used to store the user request information and another table could be used for the inventory.

The data, however, is not difficult to access if the user knows how to use the data commands in


Thank you very much for your response. I will follow up with the “privacy policy” statement. Thank you your information, especially regarding the tables . It is very helpful.

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Seeing that you are in Canada, my initial privacy policy research lead me to:


There is actually no confidentiality in the data tables.
Every user has access to the records as long as they are familiar with the record commands in
It does not matter if they are the creator or not.
Your confidentiality statement may cover you, but the data is not private.