Allowing for Viewable Public Data

App Lab and Game Lab really need to have an option to be able to make a record table or key value viewable to anyone, almost like an API for your project. Imagine being able to, as an example, view a game’s leaderboard without actually running it, using another project that centralizes multiple popular other project’s leaderboards. You could also make a discord bot, as another example, that tells you a game’s value of “visits” for a way to see the amount of times a game had been played. It could even help educators teach how to use data values.
That would be so cool, wouldn’t it!? It would definitely expand the possibilities of what you’re able to do within App/Game Lab, and be a great update that could help students learn how to use an API or databases in the future.

That shall not be allowed, as some apps have actual login systems. If people would be able to view someone’s password, they’ll be able to login into their account.

@IMPixel hmm maybe it’s as if I meant that they could choose which records to be publicly available…

I guess they could but I doubt anyone would use that. Honestly, I’ve never ever seen a game with an actual leaderboard. Another thing is that people often choose different names for their columns and sometimes mess with their IDs. Also, the owner of a leaderboard would be able to make the app of the person who uses their leaderboard crash, as they could make the leaderboard invalid. I guess it could be allowed, but I’m scared that it would take way too much time for the developers to create.

@IMPixel When I meant publicly viewable, I meant not being able to edit but rather to be able to view it.