Server support for gamelab/applab

In a multiplayer game, the client sends data to the server, the server handles the data, sends data back. There is no proper server support in gamelab, so the only options are to have no actual server (which is bad), or have a host (which is also bad if the host gets overwhelmed).

My point I want to get across is that multiplayer (or just being able to interact with other players) is indeed possible. I’m sure this would actually be revolutionary but at the same time might be vulnerable.

My proposition is to add server support (which will never happen) and here are pros/cons.
Pros: Students can actually experience creating a server/client system. Games could be twice as better.
Cons: If a communication system exists, players can use it to send illegal stuff.


Thank you for your suggestion! However, our product team works very hard to ensure our platform is safe and secure for student users. For the reasons you shared, client/server support is unlikely at this time but we will continue to look for ways to make learning computer science fun and engaging.


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